Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Out Of The Park Baseball Historical Replay

...and now for something completely different!

Out of the Park Baseball is quite simply the best text based baseball sim on the planet IMO! I will use this blog to report on my alternate replay of baseball history beginning in 1901. Real life players will be drafted on to different teams as the years progress...Will Babe Ruth dominate the early part of the 20th century? Will the Cubs go 100 years without a title?? The journey begins now....


AL Champion: Boston Americans
NL Champion: Pittsburgh Pirates

World Champion: Boston Americans

AL MVP: Mike Donlin-Baltimore Orioles: .401, 10 HR, 106 RBI
NL MVP: Honus Wagner-Pittsburgh Pirates: .365, 7 HR, 69 RBI

AL Cy Young: Ted Lewis-Boston Americans: 22-6, 2.00 ERA
NL Cy Young: Jesse Tannehill-Pittsburgh Pirates: 24-10, 2.74 ERA

AL ROY: George Winter-Boston Americans: 18-9, 1.66 ERA
NL ROY: Bob Ewing-New York Giants: 14-7, 2.68 ERA

Milestones Reached:

Jake Beckley-2000 Hits
Joe Kelley-2000 Runs
George Davis-1000 RBI
Hugh Duffy-1500 Runs
Cy Young-300 Wins

**Cupid Childs suffered torn ankle ligaments-career ending injury**

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