Friday, July 30, 2010

Looking For Participants!!

I have been toying with the idea of doing a OOTP historical replay with reader participation. This is how it would work: I would play out the 1901 season but starting in 1902 I would import ONE fictional rookie per year with this person being a reader of this blog. The reader would submit his full name with a non-offensive original nickname. Choose a realistic name if you would like to remain anonymous. You would then be able to follow your career and compare how you do to the all-time greats. ...and yes you will have a photo as I will create a fictional photo through the game using FaceGen.

As I have only 32 current followers of this blog, I would allow up to 2 entries per person. I would also ask for help in spreading the word for sign ups.

Debut years would be on a first come first serve basis but the earlier years would be better so the replay could get under way. I will also create the player with attributes that would hopefully lead to a longer career.

I need sign ups using the following template and I will sign up first for 1902:

Debut Year: 1902
Name: Chris Dungan
Nickname: "Dugie"
Primary Position: 2B
Secondary Position: SS
Birthday: 8/6
Height: 5'8
Weight: 160
Number: 22
Origin: Elgin, Illinois
Bats: R
Throws: R

I will update the debut years as the sign ups progess....hopefully progress!

Play Ball!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

OOTP Historical Replay: Final Results-Top 10 Lists

Career Hits

1) Ty Cobb-4,136
2) Rogers Hornsby-3,981
3) Stan Musial-3,939
4) Eddie Collins-3.577
5) Hank Aaron-3,429
6) Cap Anson-3,418
7) Pete Rose-3,406
8) Ted Williams-3,277
 9) Tony Gwynn-3,239
10) Rod Carew-3,208

Career HR

1) Barry Bonds-736
2) Ted Williams-694
3) Hank Aaron-666
4) Jim Thome-634
5) Mark McGwire-628
6) Alex Rodriguez-622
7) Ken Griffey Jr.-619
8) Fred McGriff-590
9) Rafael Palmeiro-572
10) Stan Musial-568

Career RBI

1) Stan Musial-2,177
2) Cap Anson-2,076
3) Ted Williams-2,069
4) Barry Bonds-2,055
5) Hank Aaron-2,045
6) Lou Gehrig-1,936
7) Rogers Hornsby-1,932
8) Alex Rodriguez-1,923
9) Mel Ott-1,910
10) Ken Griffey Jr.-1,867

Career Stolen Bases

1) Billy Hamilton-977
2) Tim Raines-902
3) Arlie Latham-738
4) Lou Brock-713
5) Rickey Henderson-703
6) Willie Wilson-692
7) Vince Coleman-679
8) Kenny Lofton-678
9) Hugh Duffy-672
10) Dummy Hoy-666

Career Wins

1) Walter Johnson-400
2) Cy Young-395
3) Pud Galvin-364
4) Kid Nichols-364
5) Tim Keefe-342
6) John Clarkson-328
7) Christy Mathewsen-319
8) Charley Radbourn-309
9) Mickey Welch-307
10) Bert Blyleven-306
10) Greg Maddux-306

Career K's

1) Roger Clemens-4,277
2) Randy Johnson-4,095
3) Pedro Martinez-3,943
4) Bert Blyleven-3.656
5) Walter Johnson-3,596
6) Bob Feller-3,571
7) Mike Mussina-3,520
8) Greg Maddux-3,495
9) Don Drysdale-3,395
10) John Smoltz-3,273

Career Saves:

1) Lee Smith-359
2) Rollie Fingers-344
3) Jeff Reardon-336
4) Mariano Rivera-319
5) Trevor Hoffman-317
6) Todd Jones-290
7) John Wetteland-287
8) Kent Tekulve-282
9) Dan Quisenberry-281
10) Tom Henke-249

Sunday, July 25, 2010

OOTP Historical Replay: 2010

The final season of the replay & then recaps of the all-time leaders:

AL Champion: New York Yankees
NL Champion: Milwaukee Brewers

World Champion: New York Yankees

AL MVP: Albert Pujols-Kansas City Royals: .372, 43 HR, 171 RBI

NL MVP: David Wright-San Diego Padres: .387, 40 HR, 146 RBI

AL Cy Young: Cole Hamels-Detroit Tigers: 23-6, 3.37 ERA

NL Cy Young: Justin Verlander-Arizona Diamondbacks: 23-5, 3.80 ERA

AL ROY: Clayton Reese-Tampa Bay Rays: .365, 6 HR, 111 RBI

NL ROY: Dan Weber-Arizona Diamondbacks: .347, 7 HR, 69 RBI


Carlos Pena-1000 Runs, 400 HR
Jason Kendall-2000 Hits, 1000 Runs
Hank Blalock-1000 RBI, 1000 Runs
Aubrey Huff-1000 Runs, 300 HR
Bobby Abreu-2000 Hits
Chipper Jones-2500 Hits
Dmitri Young-2000 Hits
Alex Rodriguez-600 HR
Scott Rolen-2000 Hits
Corey Koskie-1000 Runs
Albert Pujols-2000 Hits
Carlos Guillen-2000 Hits
Ryan Howard-300 HR
Cliff Floyd-2000 Hits
Vladimir Guerrero-2500 Hits
Carlos Delgado-500 HR
Jorge Posada-2000 Hits
Milton Bradley-1000 Runs
Jimmy Rollins-1000 Runs
Ichiro Suzuki-1000 Runs

Hall Of Fame Inductees:

Bobby Abreu: .301, 257 HR, 1103 RBI, 2089 Hits

Winner of 3 Gold Glove Awards
4 All-Star Selections

Carlos Delgado: .318, 502 HR, 1391 RBI, 2112 Hits

Winner of 1997 NL MVP Award
5 All-Star Selections

Todd Helton: .330, 357 HR, 1353 RBI, 2300 Hits

Winner of 3 Gold Glove Awards
9 All-Star Selections

Mike Piazza: .300, 491 HR, 1578 RBI, 2491 Hits

7 All-Star Selections

Greg Maddux: 306-260, 3.62 ERA, 3495 K's

Winner of 4 Gold Glove Awards
3 All-Star Selections

Career Ending Injuries: Willie Bloomquist

OOTP Historical Replay: 2009

AL Champion: Cleveland Indians
NL Champion: Arizona Diamondbacks

World Champion: Arizona Diamondbacks

AL MVP: Prince Fielder-Toronto Blue Jays: .367, 55 HR, 184 RBI

NL MVP: Manny Ramirez-Milwaukee Brewers: .373, 45 HR, 137 RBI

AL Cy Young: A.J. Burnett-Cleveland Indians: 19-7, 3.79 ERA

NL Cy Young: Ervin Santana-Milwaukee Brewers: 20-7, 3.29 ERA

AL ROY: Hector Gimenez-Boston Red Sox: .360, 20 HR, 102 RBI

NL ROY: Brad Nelson-Pittsburgh Pirates: .347, 17 HR, 72 RBI


Mike Mussina-300 Wins, 3500 K's
Mark Loretta-1000 Runs
Ray Durham-2000 Hits
Alex Rodriguez-2500 Hits
Manny Ramirez-2000 Hits
Albert Pujols-300 HR, 1000 RBI, 1000 Runs
Carlos Delgado-2000 Hits
Adrian Beltre-1000 RBI
Bobby Abreu-1000 RBI
Greg Maddux-300 Wins
Carlos Guillen-1000 Runs
Carlos Pena-1000 RBI
Chipper Jones-1500 RBI
Hank Blalock-300 HR
Vladimir Guerrero-400 HR
Lance Berkman-400 HR
Dmitri Young-1000 Runs
Pedro Astacio-200 Wins
Cliff Floyd-300 HR
Pedro Martinez-250 Wins

Hall Of Fame Inductees:

Jim Thome: .299, 634 HR1862 RBI, 2607 Hits

Winner of 1991 AL ROY Award
Winner of 2 AL MVP Awards (1994, 1996)
Winner of 1 Gold Glove Award
10 All-Star Selections

Pedro Martinez: 250-123, 2.91 ERA, 3943 K's

Winner of 7 NL Cy Young Awards (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)
6 All-Star Selections

Mike Mussina: 303-186, 3.84 ERA, 3520 K's

Winner of 2000 AL Cy Young Award
4 All-Star Selections

Career Ending Injuries: Norris Hopper, Will Venable, James Parr, Sean Barker

Friday, July 23, 2010

OOTP Historical Replay: 2008

AL Champion: Cleveland Indians
NL Champion: Florida Marlins

World Champion: Florida Marlins

AL MVP: Shin-Soo Choo-Texas Rangers: .349, 29 HR, 121 RBI

NL MVP: Adrian Gonzalez-Pittsburgh Pirates: .335, 36 HR, 124 RBI

AL Cy Young: Aaron Harang-Texas Rangers: 21-7, 2.25 ERA

NL Cy Young: Gil Meche-Philadelphia Phillies: 18-6, 2.38 ERA

AL ROY: Matthew Joyce-Toronto Blue Jays: .302, 25 HR, 81 RBI

NL ROY: Alex Gordon-Colorado Rockies: .286, 30 HR, 113 RBI


Lance Berkman-1000 Runs, 1000 RBI
Jorge Posada-1000 Runs, 1000 RBI
Tony Clark-300 HR, 1000 RBI
Chipper Jones-1500 Runs
Manny Ramirez-400 HR
Ken Griffey Jr.-2500 Hits, 600 HR
Tim Salmon-1000 RBI
Dmitri Young-1000 RBI
Jim Thome-600 HR, 2500 Hits
Alex Rodriguez-1500 Runs
Andy Pettitte-200 Wins
Ray Durham-1000 RBI
Mark Loretta-2000 Hits
Aubrey Huff-1000 RBI
Carlos Beltran-1000 RBI
Brian Giles-2000 Hits
Magglio Ordonez-2000 Hits

Hall Of Fame Inductees: None

Career Ending Injuries: Kelly Johnson, Mike Jacobs, Jody Gerut, Edgar Renteria, Ryan Sweeney

Thursday, July 22, 2010

OOTP Historical Replay: 2007

AL Champion: Cleveland Indians
NL Champion: Atlanta Braves

World Champion: Cleveland Indians

AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez-New York Yankees: .313, 47 HR, 167 RBI

NL MVP: Mark Teixeira-San Francisco Giants: .337, 32 HR, 92 RBI

AL Cy Young: Javier Vazquez-Minnesota Twins: 20-6, 3.01 ERA

NL Cy Young: Derrick Turnbow-Florida Marlins: 6-5, 2.51 ERA, 39 Saves

AL ROY: Chris Dickerson-Chicago White Sox: .313, 19 HR, 70 RBI

NL ROY: Denard Span-San Francisco Giants: .317, 13 HR, 51 RBI


John Smoltz-3000 K's, 200 Wins
Chipper Jones-2000 Hits, 400 HR
Ken Griffey Jr.-1500 Runs
Dave Nilsson-2000 Hits
Randy Johnson-4000 K's
J.D. Drew-300 HR, 1000 Runs, 1000 RBI
Vladimir Guerrero-2000 Hits
Nomar Garciaparra-300 HR, 2000 Hits
Ivan Rodriguez-300 HR
Scott Rolen-1000 Runs, 1000 RBI
Mariano Rivera-300 Saves
Mike Piazza-1500 RBI
Magglio Ordonez-1000 Runs
Carlos Pena-300 HR
Alex Rodriguez-500 HR, 1500 RBI

Hall Of Fame Inductees:

David Justice: .301, 492 HR, 1658 RBI, 2493 Hits

Winner of 2 Gold Glove Awards
8 All-Star Selections

Ryan Klesko: .306, 451 HR, 1360 RBI, 2230 Hits

Winner of 1993 NL ROY Award
Winner of 1994 NL MVP AWard
8 All-Star Selections

Kenny Lofton: .311, 114 HR, 937 RBI, 2111 Hits, 678 SB

Winner of 1 Gold Glove Award
2 All-Star Selections

John Olerud: .319, 322 HR, 1352 RBI, 2401 Hits

Winner of 2 AL MVP Awards (1992, 1993)
Winner of 1 Gold Glove Award
7 All-Star Selections

Mo Vaughn: .307, 461 HR, 1322 RBI, 2099 Hits

Winner of 2 NL MVP Awards (1992, 1996)
Winner of 1 Gold Glove Award
8 All-Star Selections

Randy Johnson: 236-163, 3.37 ERA, 4095 K's

7 All-Star Selections

Career Ending Injuries: Scott Downs, Nick Blackburn, Jason Schmidt, Nick Swisher, Elmer Dessens

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OOTP Historical Replay: 2006

AL Champion: Cleveland Indians
NL Champion: San Diego Padres

World Champion: Cleveland Indians

AL MVP: Brian McCann-Detroit Tigers: .348, 38 HR, 155 RBI

NL MVP: Mark Teixeira-San Francisco Giants: .349, 38 HR, 103 RBI

AL Cy Young: Roy Halladay-Kansas City Royals: 23-4, 2.63 ERA

NL Cy Young: Andy Pettitte-San Diego Padres: 22-7, 2.17 ERA

AL ROY: Mike Fontenot-Cleveland Indians: .316, 13 HR, 80 RBI

NL ROY: Geovany Soto-Cincinnati Reds: .339, 31 HR, 101 RBI


Jim Thome-1500 RBI
Omar Vizquel-2000 Hits
Moises Alou-2000 Hits, 300 HR
Carlos Baerga-1000 RBI, 1000 Runs
Mike Mussina-250 Wins
Tim Salmon-1000 Runs
Ray Durham-1000 Runs
Vladimir Guerrero-1000 Runs
Kenny Lofton-2000 Hits
Trevor Hoffman-300 Saves
Javy Lopez-2000 Hits
Lance Berkman-300 HR
Jorge Posada-300 HR
Pedro Martinez-3500 K's
Tony Longmire-1000 Runs
Alex Rodriguez-2000 Hits
Cliff Floyd-1000 RBI, 1000 Runs
Nomar Garciaparra-1000 Runs
Scott Rolen-300 HR
Todd Helton-2000 Hits
Magglio Ordonez-1000 RBI

Hall Of Fame Inductees: None

Career Ending Injuries: Manny Aybar, David Bush

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OOTP Historical Replay: 2005

AL Champion: Baltimore Orioles
NL Champion: Los Angeles Dodgers

World Champion: Los Angeles Dodgers

AL MVP: Ryan Howard-Oakland A's: .321, 48 HR, 110 RBI

NL MVP: Jose Reyes-Los Angeles Dodgers: .353, 33 HR, 113 RBI

AL Cy Young: Doug Davis-Minnesota Twins: 21-9, 2.53 ERA

NL Cy Young: Huston Street-Atlanta Braves: 7-1, 2.36 ERA, 49 Saves

AL ROY: Josh Willingham-Minnesota Twins: .299, 34 HR, 93 RBI

NL ROY: Nate McLouth-Pittsburgh Pirates: .296, 27 HR, 93 RBI


Bobby Abreu-1000 Runs
Carlos Delgado-1000 RBI, 400 HR
Pedro Martinez-200 Wins
Jason Giambi-1000 Runs
Brian Giles-1000 Runs
Omar Vizquel-1000 Runs
Vladimir Guerrero-300 HR, 1000 RBI
Greg Maddux-250 Wins, 3000 K's
Robin Ventura-1000 Runs, 1000 RBI
Alex Rodriguez-400 HR
Todd Helton-300 HR
Jim Thome-500 HR, 2000 Hits, 1500 Runs
Gary Sheffield-400 HR, 1500 RBI
Ivan Rodriguez-2500 Hits
Ryan Klesko-2000 Hits
Dave Nilsson-300 HR
Nomar Garciaparra-1000 RBI
Mike Mussina-3000 K's

Hall Of Fame Inductees:

Roberto Alomar: .312, 186 HR, 1067 RBI, 2436 Hits

Winner of 2 Gold Glove Awards
7 All-Star Selections

Barry Bonds: .305, 736 HR, 2055 RBI, 2722 Hits

Winner of 5 AL MVP Awards (1987, 1989, 1991, 2002, 2003)
11 All-Star Selections

Career Ending Injuries: Jed Hansen, Francisco Cruceta, Barry Bonds

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