Friday, September 4, 2009

Group Break-Case of Goodwin??

Is anyone up for a group case break of UD Goodwin Champions. 18 slots @ $45 per slot would guarantee 2 hits (auto or relic) each. I would randomize the order each time through the hits. I would randomize the 37th & 38th hit. I would also randomize the remaining base cards, minis etc.. The case would guarantee the one per case 20th anniversary memorabilia card & the Entomology/Landmark/Thoroughbred card.

1) Cubbyblue34 (Me)

If you think there would be others interested please let them know and direct them here:) Due to the cost of the case I would need payment via Paypal or other arrangement before ordering. I know I am still fairly new to the blogging world so hopefully we can get enough participants.


  1. I, unfortunately, cannot participate in this one, but I'll advertise it for you.
    Good luck, can't wait to see the results.

  2. Hmm...I'm tempted but 45 seems steep for this, considering I can get a hobby box for 60 and get three hits from Blowout. It seems like each slot is a pro-rated rate for a regular hobby box. ie: pay 3/4 a hobby price and get 2/3 the hobby return (18 people sharing 12 boxes), which doesn't seem like particularly good value, even when you factor in the case hits. Maybe that's just me though--I'm definitely interested but will see how this plays out.

  3. I hate admitting when others are right, but Grand Cards has a good point. There's a chance I'll be in on this, but will have to let you know for sure later on down the road.

    I do want one of those bug cards though...

  4. Guys...everything you say makes sense. I was basing the price on the $730 per case cost thru Blowout which is $40.55 per person. I rounded up to help cover shipping all of the cards out. I guess the value would be in the chance of getting the DNA/Landmark & 20th Anniv. cards which two of the 18 would definitely get with the case.

    I'm still fairly new at this so it may not be the best product to case break since the cost ratio to the individual hobby boxes are similar.

    If not Goodwin, anything else anyone would be interested in breaking as a group break??

    Thanks for the input!

  5. Blowout/Atlanta price went up to $869 as of 9/15. So this will be even more, now :(



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