Thursday, March 25, 2010

OOTP Historical Replay: 1967

AL Champion: Baltimore Orioles
NL Champion: St. Louis Cardinals

World Champion: Baltimore Orioles

AL MVP: Curt Blefary-Cleveland Indians: .300, 29 HR, 98 RBI

NL MVP: Dick Nen-San Francisco Giants: .298, 37 HR, 99 RBI

AL Cy Young: Juan Marichal-Baltimore Orioles: 18-10, 2.27 ERA

NL Cy Young: Sandy Koufax-Cincinnati Reds: 23-9, 2.02 ERA

AL ROY: Rod Carew-Cleveland Indians: .337, 9 HR, 62 RBI

NL ROY: Joe Azcue-Atlanta Braves: .273, 18 HR, 62 RBI


Sandy Koufax-200 Wins, 3000 K's
Willie Mays-2000 Hits
Frank Robinson-1000 RBI, 1000 Runs
Eddie Mathews-1500 RBI

Hall Of Fame Inductee:

Yogi Berra: .308, 492 HR, 1561 RBI, 2797 Hits

1945 NL ROY Award
Winner of 1 Gold Glove Award
15 All-Star Selections

Career Ending Injuries: Don Lock, Danny Coombs


  1. Perhaps I missed something... Why are there players listed with teams they never played for? Is this a fantasy league kinda thing? Are these the players you have in your ootp game? Thanks. :-)

  2. David,

    It is a historical what if replay with the game drafting players onto teams per the game AI. The game is extremely customizable and I will be doing a replay after this one with players going to their original teams and trades off.

  3. Very cool idea (on both counts). Thanks for the 'splainin!



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