Sunday, November 1, 2009

OOTP Historical Replay: 1924

AL Champion: Chicago White Sox
NL Champion: Philadelphia Phillies

World Champion: Philadelphia Phillies

AL MVP: Jack Fournier-Chicago White Sox: .404, 35 HR, 149 RBI

NL MVP: Harry Rice-New York Giants: .397, 19 HR, 145 RBI

AL Cy Young: Dazzy Vance-New York Yankees: 15-7, 2.99 ERA

NL Cy Young: Art Nehf-Philadelphia Phillies: 24-12, 3.08 ERA

AL ROY: Lucas Turk-New York Yankees: 8-5, 2.53 ERA

NL ROY: Buddy Myer-Cincinnati Reds: .355, 2 HR, 45 RBI


Jake Daubert-1000 RBI; 2500 Hits
Frank Baker-2500 Hits
Jack Fournier-1000 Runs; 1000 RBI; 2000 Hits
Harry Hooper-1000 Runs
Max Carey-1000 Runs
Rogers Hornsby-2000 Hits; 1000 Runs
Eddie Collins-3000 Hits; 1500 Runs

Hall Of Fame Inductees:

Frank Baker: .301, 125 HR, 1153 RBI

Winner of 1 MVP Awards
Winner of 6 Gold Glove Awards

Joe Jackson: .338, 62 HR, 972 RBI

Winner of 2 MVP Awards
Winner of 3 Gold Glove Awards

Chief Bender: 279-255, 2.94 ERA, 2557 K

Winner of 2 Cy Young Awards

Career Ending Injuries: Luke Sewell, Homer Summa, Bill Bagwell, Johnny Cooney

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